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by Anusha Sarnath

Nose piercing in Bangalore| Are you envious of your friend showing off her attractive nose ring and want to pierce your nose too as soon as possible? If you live in Bangalore India and wondering where you should go for this procedure, then look no further. There are many online nose rings India. One of the best nose piercing clinics is here right in Bangalore/Bengaluru. AMP clinic, founded by Dr. Patil has been offering nose piercing services for years.

Most of us tend to take the riskier option and pierce our nose with a beautician or a novice at the jewelry showroom. Little do we realize: how we expose our sensitive and delicate body parts to a range of infections that arise due to undue exposure of blood during the piercing process?

Only a qualified medical professional will realize the serious nature of this issue and will follow the most hygienic and clean procedure using sterile instruments.

The AMP nose piercing clinic in Bangalore/Bengaluru India is full of trusting people including women, men and small children who come there to pierce different parts of their bodies and make a strong style statement. The AMP clinic has staff directly trained by Dr. Patil who has 30 years of rich experience in this field. The clinic offers hygienic piercing in the most sterile environment using state-of-art equipment.

This revolutionary piercing procedure was invented by Dr. Patil in the year 1980. Guided by Dr. Patil, staff at his hospital provide committed, reliable and trusted nose piercing service with minimal pain for patients. The procedure itself lasts for just ten minutes and is administered with great care and precision.

Nose piercing in Bangalore/Bengaluru is a simple process now. All you have to do is walk into Dr. Patil's clinic and actually enjoy your nose piercing experience. Choose from a range of 18 carat gold plated attractive nose rings that are packed under sterile and hygienic conditions.

The piercing equipment developed and fine tuned by Dr. Patil holds a 20 gauge piercing ring that is straight and thin. These rings are loaded to the piercing gun's receiving tube. The holder is where the clasp is loaded on to before positioning the exact area on your nose between parts of the instrument.

Before you wink your eyes, the trigger is squeezed and the plunger snaps through your nose lobe in just a few seconds. The clasp is fixed to your nose automatically in the most secure manner with the spring action without any pain. Just visit AMP clinic for your nose piercing in Bengaluru/Bangalore requirements. Fix an appointment and allow courteous and efficient staff at the clinic to pierce your nose with precision. Just relax and enjoy the safe, hygienic, comfortable and pain free experience.

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7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyes

by Matt Erney

We rely more heavily on our eyes than any other sensory organ, and yet far too often we neglect to take care of them. When our eyes are red or irritated, we simply squeeze in a few drops from the pharmacy and hope that will do the trick. However, eyes are very sensitive, and need far more than eye drops to keep them healthy.



Tips for Healthy Eyes

Beyond the occasional eye drop, it's important to follow these tips for maintain healthy eyes and preventing future damage:

Eat Well
Whether you realize it or not, what you eat has an effect on your eyes and their overall health. To fight off age-related vision problems, studies show you need nutrients like omega-3, lutein, zinc, fatty acids, and vitamins C and E. Specifically, try eating leafy, green veggies like spinach, collards, or kale, fish that are high in omega-3, non-meat protein sources like eggs, beans, and nuts, and citrus fruits or juices.

Wear Sunglasses
One of the no-brainer tips is wearing sunglasses. However, did you know not all sunglasses are created equal? You need sunglasses that will protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. When shopping, aim for sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of these rays. If possible, look for wraparound and polarized lenses.

Quit Smoking
It's no surprise that smoking has a negative impact on your heart and lungs, but did you know it is also detrimental to your eyes? Smoking has been shown to increase the likelihood of cataracts, macular degeneration, and optic nerve damage.

Stop Straining
Chronic eye strain can lead to a variety of problems. This can be avoided by taking a break from straining activities, lubricating the eyes more often, and blinking more frequently.

Contact Care
Just wearing contacts doesn't mean your eyes are healthy. You must take responsible care of your contacts and avoid wearing them when your eyes are irritated, as this can exacerbate existing issues.

Stay Active
Regular exercise has been shown to improve eye health by increasing circulation and diminishing pressure within the eyes. This helps those with glaucoma and can prevent future issues.

Regular Checkups
One of the most important things you can do for your eyes is scheduling regular checkups and exams. Even when there doesn't seem to be an issue, an experienced optometrist should be consulted to verify that everything is okay.

About Eye Exams and Checkups

Eye exams and checkups are important for a variety of reasons and usually include a review of personal and family health history, evaluations of distance and near vision, and evaluations for presbyopia, astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, eye pressure tests, and interior problems.

You depend on your eyes for a lot, so don't take them for granted. At Worthington Ophthalmology, we are committed to improving our patients' eye health and overall well-being. For more information on the importance of receiving regular eye exams and checkups, check out our eye health blog. We would be happy to schedule an appointment or answer any questions you may have.

Article Source: 7 Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyes

Hallelujah Song and Lyrics by Fr. Ray Kelly

We join together here today
To help two people on their way
As THE BRIDE and GROOM start their life together

And now we’ve reached their special date
We’ve come to help them celebrate
And show them how much we all love them too yeah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

As THE BRIDE is walking up the aisle
And THE GROOM looks up and gives a smile
The love that flows between them fills the church yeah

With the family and friends at her side
She really is the blushing bride
With love and pride they lead her Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

With the priest and the family who lead the prayers
We say our lines and they say theirs
I guide them through the ceremony hoo yeah
And in this house of God above
We join their hands to show their love,
And say those most important words ‘I do’ yeah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

You Are My All In All - Chinese version

你是我的一切   nǐ shì wǒ dì yī qiē
You Are My All In All - Chinese Version

你是我依靠的力量,nǐ shì wǒ kào dì lì liáng
你是我尋求的寶藏,nǐ shì wǒ xún qiú dì bǎo cáng
你是我的一切。nǐ shì wǒ dì yī qiē
你好比貴重的珠寶,nǐ hào bǐ guì zhòng dì zhū bǎo
我怎能放棄你不要,wǒ zěn néng fàng qì nǐ bù yào
你是我的一切。nǐ shì wǒ dì yī qiē

耶穌神羔羊,yē sū shén gāo yáng
配得大讚美,pèi  dé dà zàn měi
耶穌神羔羊,yē sū shén gāo yáng
配得大讚美。pèi  dé dà zàn měi

你是我依靠的力量,nǐ shì wǒ kào dì lì liáng
你是我尋求的寶藏,nǐ shì wǒ xún qiú dì bǎo cáng
你是我的一切。nǐ shì wǒ dì yī qiē
你好比貴重的珠寶,nǐ hào bǐ guì zhòng dì zhū bǎo
我怎能放棄你不要,wǒ zěn néng fàng qì nǐ bù yào
你是我的一切。nǐ shì wǒ dì yī qiē

耶穌神羔羊,yē sū shén gāo yáng
配得大讚美,pèi  dé dà zàn měi
耶穌神羔羊,yē sū shén gāo yáng
配得大讚美。pèi  dé dà zàn měi

你是我依靠的力量,nǐ shì wǒ kào dì lì liáng
你是我尋求的寶藏,nǐ shì wǒ xún qiú dì bǎo cáng
你是我的一切。nǐ shì wǒ dì yī qiē
擔當我罪債和羞辱,dān dāng wǒ zuì zhài hé xiū rǔ
死裏復活,我蒙救贖,sǐ lǐ fù huówǒ méng jiù shú
你是我的一切。nǐ shì wǒ dì yī qiē

耶穌神羔羊,yē sū shén gāo yáng
配得大讚美,pèi  dé dà zàn měi
耶穌神羔羊,yē sū shén gāo yáng
配得大讚美pèi  dé dà zàn měi

Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views

Gangnam Style 1 billion Views
This is about video on YouTube phenomena. Nothing to do with the end of the world on December 21, 2012.

Say it, what is it?

Gangnam Style 1 billion views on!

South Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style” has become the first video to reach one billion views on Google Inc.’s YouTube website.

Article Source:

PSY's success is a great testament to the universal appeal of catchy music-- and er, great equine dance moves. In the past, music distribution was mostly regional. It was more difficult to learn about great artists from around the world. But with a global platform at their fingertips, people are now discovering and sharing amazing music from all over the planet, by artists like Brazilian Michel Teló and Belgian-Australian Gotye.

One billion views is an incredible number, but the PSY-nomenon goes beyond that. Check out these stats:

  • PSY was already big in Korea, but in 2012, he became a global celeb as Gangnam Style quickly spread from Seoul and the pacific to North America, South America, and Europe. It’s been seen at least 1 million times in close to 75 countries, making it one of the most global music sensations ever! 
  • From a one-thousand person flash mob in Jakarta to cover videos from Ai Weiwei and Mitt Romney, hundreds of thousands of parodies have been uploaded to YouTube, some of which have tens of millions of views. In fact, fan tributes to Gangnam Style are now being viewed 20 million times every single day. 
  • PSY's own remix with Hyuna has 200 million views alone. 
  • "Gangnam Style" was YouTube's top rising search of 2012 and on October 6th, we saw more than five million searches for “gangnam style” in a single day. Check out this video demonstrating some of our most popular YouTube searches this year. 
  • For those interested in the business side: a number of assessments and projections have been posted claiming “Gangnam Style” has generated over $8.1 million in advertising deals, hit more than 2.9 million in song downloads since July, and achieved other incredible feats! 
  • Since late last month, people have clicked to buy the track on iTunes over 600,000 times helping make PSY the first Korean artist ever to rank #1 on the U.S. iTunes chart and #1 in over 30 more countries
Perhaps what’s most impressive about this feat is that it took just over five months to happen. To give this milestone some context, here’s a chart of Gangnam Style’s rise to popularity versus Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” the video that previously held the most-watched video title:

Congratulations to PSY, the flash mobbers, K-Pop fans and people who love fun across the globe. Considering the Gangnam Style dance was the number one dance-related search on YouTube this year, you better make sure you brush up on your moves before New Year's Eve.

The kind of amazing creativity and unique connection between people all over the world that resulted in this one billion views is only possible with an incredible community of people we're so lucky to have on YouTube. And we can't wait to see what you'll come up with next!


Who congrats PSY on his Twitter?  Let's see..

Congratulations !!! You made history !!! I Billion Views !!!!

I would love to meet he was my childhood idol. 80s baby
eb I need u to look over my resume ! Ur the best at word playing

.... and more....

Congratulation to Gangnam Style 1 Billion Views on YouTube!

Sinus Congestion Relief by Using Salt

Sinus congestion is very irritating. As a matter of fact, it is a pain and a nuisance. This is the more reason why sinus congestion relief has to be sought. The congestion is normally a result of allergies, flu or a cold. Now let see a solution for sinus congestion relief from below article.

What if you could be free of sinus congestion? Totally free? We have solutions for you. It's the time of year when allergies kick up and sinus congestion and other sinus problems are not far behind for many people. Post nasal drip, sore throat, sinus infection just to name a few. The key is to get ahead of the game by doing some simple home remedies. This is a simple solution for breaking up sinus congestion using only salt and water.

Make a solution of: 1 teaspoon of sea salt to half a cup of warm water. Stir until salt is dissolved. Put a little of this mixture in the palm of your hand, breath it through one nostril at a time up into the sinuses as far as you can. If this is too hard you can put a little of the solution on the tip of your finger, stick it in your nose and breathe it up that way. Repeat for both nostrils two or three times. You can do this every hour if necessary.

sinus congestion
This will help break up the sinus congestion and you will almost immediately find that you can breathe again. The salt also helps kill the bacterial that is forming inside your sinus cavities.

Here is another one. This one is very soothing for a sore throat.

Add 1 teaspoon of sea salt to half a cup of warm water. Stir until salt is dissolved. Gargle with this mixture as often as every hour.

If your throat is sore it may hurt at first but very quickly soothes. It also helps kill the bacterial that forms on sinus congestion mucus. I like to make up a saline solution and do one right after the other.
The warm water should feel good to your sinuses and your throat.

These home remedies are very helpful in helping control most sinus problems, but if you really want to get over them fast and prevent future problems, you will need to figure out the underlying causes and how best to deal with them. On the sinus congestion page of our website you can find lots of solutions, such as the best nutritional supplement, more home remedies, what to avoid and what really helps. We have been there so we know what you really want is to never have another sinus problem and we can help you with do just that.

Dr Jeanne is a retired doctor of chiropractic, specializing in nutrition and difficult chronic health conditions. She is now dedicating her time to helping more people get and stay well through her website and teleseminars. Visit to see upcoming events, and all her healthy solutions for sinus and many other health issues. Her teleseminars are informative and fun, with free gifts, product discounts and question and answer sessions.

Professional Writing - Perfecting the Note

My interest now, one of the 10's actually, to write a good and nice article, interesting and easy to understand by the reader. Writing essays or articles is not easy. Many guides out there that teach how to be a writer can be references. But as the author of below article said "Writing is a lot of singing, every single note has to be pitch perfect".

Writing is a lot of singing... every single note has to be pitch perfect. Having been in the entertainment industry before, what you see on stage is merely the result of lots of hard work, training, frustration, anger, fear, anxiety, and also determination.

Hence, the same goes for professional writing. While in-born talent has a lot to do with how we write, it has a lot to do with our training as well. So, how do we, professional writers, perfect all the notes and turn them all into pitch perfect articles? Here are a few clues.

Reading - Ask any professional writer if they liked to read, chances are, their answer would be a resounding 'yes' that can be heard from the next Universe. The love for writing is often a direct result of their love for reading. When you stop reading, you begin to realize that you lose a little bit of the love for writing too. Continue to immerse yourself with the written word...often. Pick a book up, a magazine or even a leaflet to evaluate what you see on paper. It will really help you master the art of putting words together in a refreshing way.

Learning and re-learning from new writers - Despite lacking in experience, there is tons to learn from all those young writers out there. Because of their lack of experience, they are more adventurous, have newer ways to say things and wildly creative with words. So, spare them the rod and just listen to what they have to say and don't judge.

Be open to ideas - Once you've been writing for some time, you start developing habits and ideals. You believe in a system that works for you and you start making it a habit. And as we all know it, habits are hard to break. Break them. Break them and be open to new ideas, different concepts because that is the only way we can grow and become even better.

Practice - There is no need to delve too deeply into THIS point. Practice makes perfect so, keep going.

Accept criticism - By far, this is the hardest to achieve and for most of us, extremely painful to a point that we might suddenly think that this is too hard and we should just give up if people don't like the way we write. Accepting criticism, as I have come to see, is one of the best ways to perfect the skill of writing. Do not take it personally. I know it is hard but let's look at it this way, they are not criticizing us per se, as human beings, but the quality of our work. There is no absolute wrong and absolute right so, just think of it as listening to another person's opinion in an open way.

Marsha Maung is a Malaysian-based freelance writer with two kids. She spends her time ferrying her kids around, watering her plants, writing web content, SEO stuff, ghostwriting books and also indulges in the occasional Facebook-ing. Visit her blog for more dirty details on the life and times of a mother, writer, designer, housekeeper, coffee-maker, poop-wiper, chef... and just about everything else under the sun

Ugou Ku Sayang by Samson

Ugou Ku Sayang is a Dusun song title and sung by Samson.

Dusun or Kadazandusun is the biggest ethnic in Sabah Malaysian Borneo. The very catchy song is always, yes always being sing in any celebration of marriage or festivals such us harvest festival which is celebrated in the month of May every year and its final closing ceremony on 30th and 31st of May.

During this time local people around Sabah as well as people outside Sabah from other states like Sarawak and Peninsula coming here to feel the warm of this celebration. Not to forget there are so many foreigners from other countries such as US, US, Australia, Germany etc coming over here to enjoy the celebration.

Now let us listen the music.

If you looking for the lyrics and original guitar chord, here they are.

~ by Samson

intro: G Em C Dm G D

G                         C
umur daddy sudah pencen
Am                               D
si ugou pun sudah sumandak
Em                               C
mogihum no do tontok tinan
D                              G      D
korohian dino ginawo nu

G                               C
pilihan daddy yang pertama
Am                       D
urangnya tinggi lampai
Em                         C
si ugou bilang sama dia
D                                G
macam itu tompula-langgoi

Em            C
ugou ku sayang
Am                       D
ogumu oh pominat nu
Em                        C
kada kadala'ai momili
D                                    G     D
ujung-ujung ajadi ko andartu

G                              C
pilihan daddy yang kedua
Am                                   D
urangnya gumuk dan bajambang
Em                            C
ki bakat jumadi do touke'
D                                     G
tapi sayang si ugou inda ma'u

interlude: G Em C D Bm Em C D G

Em           C
ugou ku sayang
Am                      D
ogumu oh pominat nu
Em                        C
kada kadala'ai momili
D                                    G     D
ujung-ujung ajadi ko andartu

G                      C
hati daddy gembira
Am                         D
si ugou sudah ada calon
Em                       C
pilihan si ugou sendiri
D                         G
bakal menantu daddy

Em                       C
pilihan si ugou sendiri
D                          G
bakal menantu daddy...

yeah... yeah...

How To Dance Like Oppa Gangnam Style

What is actually the Gangnam Style?

"Gangnam Style" is a 2012 K-pop single by the South Korean rapper Psy. "Gangnam Style" is widely praised for its humour, catchy rhythm as well as Psy's unusual dance moves that have introduced many people to K-pop. First released on July 15, 2012, it entered the Gaon Chart singles chart at number one upon release, and it has the most views as a K-pop song on YouTube.
source : Wikipedia

Who is PSY?

Park Jae-Sang (Hangul: 박재상; born December 31, 1977) is a South Korean rapper[2], better known by his stage name, Psy (Hangul: 싸이). He is popular for his humorous videos and stage performances, and has appeared on numerous television programs, including Good Sunday: X-Man and The Golden Fishery.

His "Gangnam Style" video on YouTube is the most viewed K-pop video in history, garnering more than 100 million views since its release.[3] It is also the fastest-viewed K-pop video, accumulating over 80 million views in 45 days.
source: Wikipedia

The Oppa Gangnam Style Video by PSY

Now let us learn how to dance the Oppa Gangnam Style

Now let's sing the Oppa Gangnam Style song :-)

Oppan gang-namseutayil

Naje-neun ttasaroun inkanjeo-gin yeoja

Keopi hanjanye yeoyureuraneun pumkyeok i-nneun yeoja
Bami omyeon shimjangi tteugeowojineun yeoja
Keureon banjeon i-nneun yeoja

Naneun sana-i

Naje-neun neomankeum ttasaroun geureon sana-i
Keopi shikgido jeone wonsyas ttaerineun sana-i
Bami omyeon shimjangi teojyeobeorineun sana-i
Keureon sana-i

Areumdawo sarangseureowo

Keurae neo hey keurae baro neo hey
Areumdawo sarangseureowo
Keurae neo hey keurae baro neo hey
Chigeumbu-teo kal dekkaji kabol-kka

English Translation:
Oppa’s Gangnam style
Gangnam style

A girl who is warm and graceful during the day

A classy girl who knows how to enjoy a cup of coffee
A girl whose heart gets hotter when night comes
A girl with that kind of twist

I’m a guy

A guy who is as warm as you during the day
A guy who downs his coffee before it cools down
A guy whose heart bursts when night comes
That kind of guy

Beautiful, loveable

Yes you, hey, yes you, hey
Beautiful, loveable
Yes you, hey, yes you, hey
Now let’s go until the end

My Wife Is A Gangster

My Wife is a Gangster
Now this is Shin Eun Kyung image, acting in My Wife Is a Gangster.

During this holiday, I got nothing more else to do but watching movies online through Youtube. Nowadays you can watch movies, full movies on Youtube. Of course you can't find the new movies but at least you can watch those you missed, say, ten years ago?

I just finished watching the Korean movie called My Wife Is a Gangster, from the first, second and it third movie. Good movies. But the one I like most is the first My Wife is a Gangster.

The actress is so beautiful and attractive. Her name is Shin Eun Kyung (Sin Eun Gyeong). The first My Wife is a Gangster is filmed in 2001, second in 2003 (same story with the same actress) and the third on 2006 (different story with different actress i. e Shu Qi).

But like I said earlier, I really like the first movie. I think because I like the heroine.

And this is her in other or maybe in normal daily image.

Shin Eun Kyung

As I said before, I did watch the three movies through Youtube. If you interested, then you can watch it by yourself.

Here the links I suggest you to watch the My Wife is a Gangster movies, with English Subtitles.

1. My Wife Is a Gangster
2. My Wife Is a Gangster 2 - part 1 (12 parts)
3. My Wife Is a Gangster 3 (1 of 12)

Since the movie is uploaded (not by me hehe) part by part, then you need to watch it part by part then.

Happy watching!

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